Easter Basket challenge…

In Design Technology today we had the challenge of making an Easter Basket just the right size to hold one chicken’s egg…… not too big and not too small. We also wanted to see what techniques the children would use to create and decorate their basket.

Some students took great care to measure up and cover their baskets with coloured paper.

Many handles were measured and carefully attached so the basket would be strong enough to carry one egg.

Shredded paper was added to protect the egg! JC did a fabulous job of collecting up to shredded paper and returning it to it’s container. He was a human vacuum cleaner. Thanks JC. Our cleaner thanked you too!

Most students were keen to test their basket with a plastic chicken sized egg. Good job guys! 🐣  🐰

Enterprise Day Wednesday 11th April

Parents are most welcome to along on the Wednesday between 12pm and 2pm to enjoy the day with your child.

Spending Money – Students are permitted to bring spending money, CLGPS recommends between $2 – $10 for the year 2 students.

Sun Safety – Please remind your to wear their school hat and apply their sunscreen, as students will be outside for over 2 hours.

Canteen – There will be no lunch orders on Enterprise Day and the canteen will be closed at recess time.

Enterprise Day Helpers

In week 11 on Wednesday the 11th April is Enterprise Day.

Room’s 11 and 12 have voted to make slime.

We would love you to donate a gold coin to help us buy the ingredients. Could we please have donations by Thursday the 5th April.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us make the slime in class, from 1.50pm till 3.00pm Tuesday 10th April.  Please write a note in your child’s diary if you are able to help out. As I’m on leave next week, Karen Hedger cannot access my emails or post on the blog.

Thank you


Term 1 Weeks 7 and 8.

Jolly Grammar – We have looked at the f sound using ph. We also looked at how and when to use a comma.

Spelling – We have all written a list of Oxford sight words in our diaries that we need to learn for our spelling test next week.

Writing – Our narrative writing is coming along. We have developed our setting, main character and problem/complication. Next week we will write about the resolution and create an ending for our Narrative. Then we would like to publish them into little books to share. We also wrote a recount about our excursion.

Maths – We have done lots of skip counting by 2,5 and 10. Could you skip counting by2s, starting at an odd number? The skip counting, by 3s, has been a bit challenging and we need to keep trying this at home. So when the children set the table they could count by threes….. make it fun. This week we have been working with money. We have transferred our skip counting knowledge, to making amounts with coins.

Our Excursion was fabulous!! See photos on the blog.

Week 9 –

  • Sharing next week is to do with money. Your child has a note in their diary about this.
  • Easter Christian options Wednesday morning.
  • Parent teacher interviews. If you haven’t made an appointment, the online booking is now closed. Please come and see me to make a time.
  • Good Friday

Tuesday week 9, I have the morning to do some reading tests. Dawn Drewer will be in the classroom. Weeks 10 and 11 I have long service leave. Karen Hedger will be taking the class. I know that Karen will be looking for help for Enterprise day on Wednesday week 11.

We need parent helpers to sharpen our coloured pencils please.

Enjoy the weekend 🙂

Monarto Zoo

What a great day we had at Monarto!! The weather was perfect, our parent helpers were amazing and the activities planned were fantastic.


The first part of the day, after recess, was a bushwalk. We saw the meerkats and chimps.We could have watched the chimps all day.

Then we had a walk through the rock wallaby enclosure. Can you spot the wallaby here??


Our guide, Abbey, took us on a walk through the bush. We saw lots of interesting things.


We thought we could make a shelter, like this for the lizards in the CLG PS Nature Garden, to keep them safe from predators like cats.


We had colour swatches to find the colours in nature.


We got to feel the fur and feet of a rock wallaby.

Then we had lunch!!

XC this isn’t a dinosaur skeleton! It’s a giraffe!

After lunch we got to see lots of awesome animals up close, from the bus.


Thanks again to CS, SM, HW, NW and JH for bringing your parents along today! A huge thanks to our dad for helping all the boys with the bathroom 🙂

More photos on the whiteboard in the morning.