Last newsletter for Term 2

Swimming was a fun, exciting and tiring week for us all. Thanks to parent helpers, especially SM’s dad for braving the boy’s change room daily. Much appreciated.

Jolly Grammar – This week we looked at the k sound – k and ck. We also looked at irregular past tense verbs.

Maths – We looked at problems using a variety of strategies involving addition.

Writing – We had free choice when writing a procedure this week.

SRC – Thanks to OW and JL for being such organized and dedicated SRC for the first half of the year.

Sharing – Over the last two weeks we have seen a huge development in the student’s confidence in eye contact, volume and pace of speaking and respectful listening. Many children who were quiet shy and nervous about presenting can give a confident presentation now. Thanks to those families who are helping to support this at home. Sharing groups will change again for next term –

Mon – yellow. Tues – blue, Wed – green, Thurs – orange and Fri – red. A list of sharing topics will be sent home early next term.

Thanks to the students and families in room 12 for another great term. We are so lucky to have supportive parents who volunteer at all times to help in class or at home with any little thing that needs attending too. Also a huge thanks for my birthday wishes!! A big thanks for my cupcakes to  HB’s family. It was the worst kept secret at CLG this year!

Keep safe in the holidays and enjoy time with your families. See you ready for term 3 on Tuesday 24th July.


  • CLG’s Got Talent at lunchtime Thursday
  • Casual Day on Friday.Please bring a gold coin donation if you dress up.
  • Whole school assembly Friday.
  • Early dismissal at 2.10
  • Term 3 starts on Tuesday 24th July
  • Looking for volunteers to wash the cushion covers or take a plant home to care for over the holidays.

Procedural Writing

Today we worked with room 11 to make a Tiny Teddy Car.

Thanks Ms Bianca for demonstrating how to make it and organising our ingredients!! 🐻 🚗

We loved making our Tiny Teddy cars…..



Our finished cars! Don’t they look yummy?

We wrote a procedure so you can make these at home. We needed to include –

  • the goal
  • ingredients
  • sequential steps on how to make it


Evacuation today.

Your child has probably come home and told you that we had an evacuation this afternoon. It was just a practice, that we required to have throughout the year. We had quite a long discussion about it afterwards. We also talked about invacuations and why we sometimes need them too. The children asked lots of questions. We also talked about parents having them in their workplaces too. Your child may like to discuss this with you at home tonight.


Weeks 7 and 8 News

Jolly Grammar – We have looked at the different ways to make long i (i_e, ie, y and igh) and long u (u_e, ue, u, and ew) sounds. We have been using adverbs to describe our verbs and changing verbs to the past tense. During week 9 we won’t be doing our usual JG program.

Maths – We have started our topic on addition. We have revised some helpful strategies such as rainbow facts, counting on, chunking, number splitting, friendly numbers and turnarounds. See if your child can explain why these strategies are useful when adding numbers together.

Literacy Rotations – We have been finding verbs in our readers, inferring independently and sorting nouns, verbs and adjectives. Oxford Owl is proving to be very popular both at home and school. Great those families who are recording Oxford Owl reading in their child’s diary as a reading record.

Digital Technologies is our new inquiry topic, now that Geography has come to a close.

Book boxes need fresh books brought in from home please. Due to swimming next week, we’ll miss our library borrowing lesson. Students can borrow before school or use the digital library. Info on how to log onto that was posted earlier in the year.

Swimming is on next week! Bathers on under uniforms each day please. An extra snack is a good idea too, as swimming makes us hungry. The sign in sheet for parent attendance will be out each day in the classroom.

Thanks to IG and RW’s mums for cutting up activities for us and sharpening pencils. Much appreciated! Also thanks for supporting nude food Wednesdays. Lots of families are continuing it on throughout the week.

Casual day is on the last day of term to support the RSPCA. A gold coin donation please if you choose to wear white and blue – the colours of the RSPCA.

Friday weeks 8 and 9 I won’t be in room 12. We are lucky to have Karen Hedger working with us. Thanks Karen!