Last post for 2018 :(

Term 4 Weeks 8 and 9 News

English – We made cards for our buddies and families. The ones for our families look pretty spectacular! We had literacy Christmas rotations which we loved – we wrote about Santa in Australia in summer and what he should wear, word search, haiku and acrostic poems, a very challenging crossword, word challenges and reading of Christmas stories. Many of us typed up a story, procedure or information report in the computer room in Word trying out different fonts, colours and editing tools.

Maths – Problem solving activities were fun but challenging.

We have all learnt to sign and sing We wish you a merry Christmas. Hopefully your child will sing it to you over Christmas and teach you the sign language too!

Enjoy the holiday season with your family. Thanks again for the great support throughout 2018. Please pop into room 23 and say hi to me in 2019.

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We watched a Snoopy movie and shared lunch with room 11. We certainly had plenty to eat. After lunch we snacked some more and watched a bit more of the movie. Tomorrow we will snack on a few packets of things that we didn’t open today whilst we watch the last 25 minutes of our Snoopy movie.

Thanks for the awesome effort provided for the food supplied today. We really appreciated it 🎅🏻🎄🤶


In term 3 the Governing Council approved an earlier closure in term 4 only of 1:00pm rather than the regular end of term finish at 2:10pm. This change was announced in the 9th of August 2018 newsletter and has been referred to on calendars since.

 1:00pm is when students would normally start eating their lunch. As I am sure you can appreciate the last day of the year is not the most productive and so rather than coming back to class for 20 minutes after lunch, we will end the 2018 school year at lunchtime after students return to class after our final whole school assembly.

As reported previously arrangements were put in place for OSHC will begin as soon as school is dismissed. Bookings however are limited.


Firstly….. weren’t we awesome tonight? The children sang and danced beautifully 🌟🌟 we certainly surprised the crowd with Heather, our amazing bagpiper!! Thanks to Ms Simmons for being passionate about getting a bagpiper and  organising Heather to play for us. 🎶

Secondly, thanks to HB’s family for providing us all with an ice block to help us cool down before we came out to perform.

Lastly, thanks to our wonderful families for being so supportive and positive about the weather conditions  and  changes to plans that CLG put in place to make it an enjoyable evening for everyone.


Staff met this morning and have decided upon the following adjustments to ensure student safety and wellbeing due to the projected high temperature.

1.    The concert start will be delayed until 7:00pm, with the pre-concert items now starting at6:30pm

2.    Therefore children now need to report to their classrooms at 6:45pm

3.    Teachers will limit the time the students will be outside watching items, spending 10 to 15 minutes in their air-conditioned rooms prior to their performance and another 10 to 15 minutes afterwards before coming to watch some other performances

4.    We will maximise the use of any shade if we can still view the performances

5.    Parents may choose to collect their child and leave to go home after your child performs, however you will need to do so from the classroom once the students leave the stage

6.    We ask that you do not collect your child while they are sitting on the grass when other classes are performing

7.    Teachers will continue to monitor their students during the night and younger students in particular may spend less time outside than the older students

8.    All classes will be on the oval watching the final acts

9.    We have hired 2 mist fans to help with the heat

10. We understand that parents and caregivers know their children the best, so if these adjustments do not meet your needs please don’t come to the concert

If your child is attending please ensure that:

§  they have eaten and are hydrated before reporting to the classroom

§  sunscreen is applied before coming

§  they have a sun safe hat

§  they have a water bottle

Parents and carers are welcome to bring shade shelters however they will need to be set up in the nominated areas at the back and on the sides. Please look after yourself.