Term 3 Week 4


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Jolly Grammar – We looked at a different way to make the long I sound using igh. Come in and look at your child’s lighthouse. We also learned about adjectives. These describing words can make our writing more interesting.
Maths- We are still investigating place value. This week we have worked out how many tens can be found in 2 and 3 digit numbers.
Spelling – Your child has written some sight words into their diary which they need to learn to spell. Thanks to Shaty for coming in and doing individual tests with each child.
Health – Last week we started our topic on Child Protection. So far we have covered safe places and Early Warning signs. Get your child to explain what their EWS is to you. Nest week we will be talking about people we feel safe with and can trust to talk to if we have a problem or feel unsafe.
Science – We our investigating Light. The children have all put a question up on our Wonder Wall about light.
Book Week is next week. We have lots happening each day. Sharing is your child’s favourite book. The dress up parade is on Friday, where your child comes as a book character.
Wow books – Thanks to Brooke and Kirsten for putting more artwork into our Wow books!
Week 5 – Kathy has leave. We are lucky to have Karen Hedger in room 13 for the week to enjoy Book Week celebrations with us.

Nature Play…


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Mud has been used here to help attach these sticks to the tree to make a bird hut. It was left overnight and the mud dried hard like glue!! Clever inventing girls.

A very productive group of boys building a fire, cutting up wood, filleting fish, making a shelter and so much more. Just some of the things we experience in nature play.

Term 3 Week 3 News


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Jolly Grammar – We know that we can make the long e sound in a variety of ways. This week we looked at ea words. We also revised nouns.

Maths- We started our topic on place value. This is the value of the numeral depending on its place in a number. We concentrated on the teen numbers this week. Eg 13 has 1 ten and 3 ones.

Nature Play was awesome again this week. We love starting our day in the nature garden. I have had issues with the camera….. so not many photos, sorry.

Our theatre excursion was great. The performance was very engaging. It was lovely to watch the expressions on the children’s faces as the cow attempted to jump over the moon.

Photo day for us is Tuesday. Please send along the envelope on the day.

Sharing topics for the term –

Week 5 favourite book

Week 7 something about your dad/grandpa

Week 9 free choice

Book Week is week 5. That Friday is a dress up parade, where the children can dress up as their your favourite book character.

Swimming is happening week 6!  What a busy term.

Thanks to the families who have paid for both and returned medical forms.

WOW books need some fabulous artwork glued into them. Would love some volunteers to help out when you have some spare time. Also we need some pencils sharpened too.

Nature Play today.


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NJ and JK spent alot of time identifying birds today. They saw rainbow lorikeets, minors and even an eastern lorikeet. The pair of rainbow lorikeets spent the whole of nature play feeding their chicks in a hollow in a tree. We could have watched them all day.



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Today we had a practice invacuation. The children were very sensible and did a great job. Ask them about it tonight. They want to know if you have invacuations and evacuations at your workplace too.

Nature Play…


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Yes nature play is on this week! We went out this afternoon to find lots of puddles and mud! Please send along boots and coats tomorrow.

PP went straight to the puddles!! We should call her Princess Puddles!

Girls ready to build a shelter with sticks. Boys scrapping bark off a paperbark tree.  Fun around the campfire.



Two cheeky monkeys we found in the trees.


OA wondered why the millipede curled up into a ball. After awhile it straightened out and crawled all over his hands…..


Term 3 Week 2 News


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Jolly Grammar
– We found words with the ay sound and also put words into alphabetical order. Some of us can look at the second letter in words that start with the same letter to order them too!! Eg Saturday , Sunday. We found some animal words in dictionaries.
Maths – We spent the week doing lessons from Jo Boaler’s website. It was lots of fun. Try some finger discrimination at
Diary notes – This week change to specialist subjects, swimming and lapathon reminder notes came home.
Nature Play – We are doing Nature Play every day next week with Ms Coutt’s receptions from 03. Send along gumboots and coats on Monday.
Australian animals – We have all chosen an animal to research. We have found some keywords about our animal and an image from google. Next step is to make a poster to send to our sister school in Japan.
Health – We will be starting our topic on “keeping safe” next week, as part of the child protection program.
Parent help – We need some more of our artwork glued into our WOW books. If you have any spare time, please pop in and help out.
Lapathon is on tomorrow. I won’t be at school, but Karen Hedger is in for the day. Parents are welcome to come along and support us from 9:45-10:45.
Theatre money is due by Monday. Thanks to those who have already paid. Reminder no lunch orders next Friday due to early departure for the theatre.

Finger discrimination in Maths today!!


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I was quite excited by our PD conference last Monday when Jo Boaler talked about finger discrimination.

We had a go in room 13 today. This week I’m doing a series of lessons from her website youcubed.

Firstly apologies for the texta dots on the children’s fingernails today. It was certainly worth it! We had so much fun and are improving our finger discrimination.

We did some finger exercises and tried finger mazes. We ran our of time to play finger twister……. maybe tomorrow!!


I’m hoping the children got you to do some of the finger activities at home tonight.

From Jo Boaler’s website youcubed. If you are interested have a read of the article below.

Research tells us that it is very important for students to develop ‘finger discrimination’ that is, for students
to know their fingers really well. In this Atlantic article I share the importance of using fingers for
the brain’s development of numbers, see http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/04/whykids-
should-use-their-fingers-in-math-class/478053/. Evidence from both behavioral and neuroscience
studies shows that when people receive training on ways to perceive and represent their own fingers, they
develop better representations of their fingers, which leads to higher mathematics achievement.

Theatre excursion next Friday


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We need another parent with a DCSI clearance to come along and help supervise the children. Sorry no toddlers. If interested please email me asap as we only have one more spot available.Thanks 🙂

As we are leaving at 12:15, we will be eating an early lunch before we go. This means no lunch orders will be allowed on Friday 7th August. Thanks for your cooperation with this.



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The lapathon is happening this Friday 9:45-10:45. Parents are welcome to come along. Please keep collecting sponsors for our fundraiser.

Your child can dress up in sun safe clothing. We request no face painting.

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